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Every day, millions of travellers cover thousands of kilometers to visit neighboring countries or cities. There are many reasons for that. Some tourists leave their hometown for work purposes and some of them go as guests to distant relatives. However, with the start of the holiday season, there are enough people who want to spend an unforgettable vacation at the resort. Thus, the hotel business has been developed to provide every foreign or local guest with temporary accommodation. Most tourists take much effort to find the place to spend the most time and a night in advance before arriving in a designated city. When booking a hotel without prepayment, it is worth remembering that in most cases you do not receive a guarantee of a free room upon arrival, and such a policy is justified by a possible refusal to check in.

When choosing a place of temporary residence, many tourists believe that a hotel and a rest-house are synonyms. However, a true traveller or hospitality expert knows that there are significant differences between these two establishments.

What is the difference between a hotel and a rest-house?

It should be noted that the existing hotels have a fairly well-developed infrastructure and a wider choice of rooms, in contrast to the rest-houses. Most often, the territory of a distinguished hotel features additional areas, where employees provide the opportunity to visit a beauty salon, restaurant and other guest service facilities.

Possible services provided by hotels of different price categories and locations:

  • Beauty saloon;
  • Guarded parking;
  • Day SPA;
  • Conference room for meetings and negotiations;
  • Swimming pool and massage room;
  • Transportation to desired destinations and city tours.

In fact, the range of entertainment and services provided by the hotel is limited by its star score and the budget of the business. Many factors also depend on the location of the architectural structure. Hotels are rated from 3 to 5-7 stars. For example, in the UAE, you can live in a high-rise 7-stars building of international class, and even less expensive solutions will offer much more elegant luxury rooms than in the CIS countries, with innovative household appliances and the most comfortable conditions.

When choosing between a hotel and a rest-house, it is reasonable to start from your own budget, preferences and requirements that must be met by the service staff. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs always try to please their customers, as it is in their best interest to increase the number of visitors to the hotel. The level of service provided by the Mini Hotel Ryleev meets all the requirements of even the most demanding traveller; the territory of the Kharkiv hotel has everything you need to organize an unforgettable trip.

How to choose the right hotel?

Before starting a trip, you need first of all to decide what priority functions you want to see in a hotel. Based on the budget and the location of the preferred establishment, tourists refer to the recommendations of the relevant sites. You can find a place of temporary residence according to your own preferences, style and design in every major city.

The guests of Kharkiv and local residents can choose between a wide range of rest-houses and hotels, each of which has a different architecture, level of service and accommodations. In our Mini Hotel, you can not only spend time comfortably and relax, but also get a lot of positive impressions from the conditions and services that we provide. We take an individual approach to each of our guests.

The advantage of choosing accommodation in a fairly small architectural structure is achieved due to the small number of rooms provided, while we create the most comfortable conditions for everyone. It is here that you can choose a comfortable room at an affordable price. Spacious rooms feature new furniture and provide the option of living alone or with a couple. The interior of the premises was designed by an interior designer and made using high quality and environmentally friendly materials. Private bedroom, living room and bathroom with all the necessary amenities to feel at home and even better.

Personal approach and appropriate conditions for even the most demanding customers. On the territory of the Mini Hotel, you can enjoy the fresh air and use the barbecue. An equipped terrace with a gazebo and a cityscape will brighten up your outdoor activities. For guests of Kharkiv with children, we offer the opportunity to book a family room which provides an extra bed and all the appropriate accommodations. The individual area is designed for up to 4 people, and due to the warm colours used in the interior, the atmosphere promotes rest and tranquillity. A baby cot can be placed in the room on request, and on a warm sunny day, children will be happy to spend time outdoors. A well-kept plot, a well-equipped garden and flower arrangements create a cozy atmosphere, and you will certainly want to come back again.

Nowhere in Kharkiv can you find a more comfortable house with the possibility of renting rooms. The stylistic solution of the site allows you to make good use of your spare time, the location of the Mini Hotel will save you from looking for essential institutions throughout the city. You can book a room to suit any taste and not worry about the quality of service. Each employee has undergone special training and knows the way to quickly and efficiently organize all comfortable conditions for temporary accommodation of tourists.

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