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Policy of stay at the Ryleev mini-hotel (inn) in Kharkiv near the railway station and subway station:

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A hotel (hotel) for a few hours is a suitable choice when you need to come to Kharkov for a short time or retire from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you need to retire for a few hours and "hide" in a beautiful, secluded place not far from the city center near the railway station, pay attention to the mini-hotel (hotel) “Ryleev”.
This is not just a hotel (hotel) for a few hours, but also a high level of comfort, regardless of the length of stay, represented by cozy rooms with designer renovation and all amenities. Each room of the mini-hotel Ryleev has carpet or laminate flooring, flat-screen TV, refrigerator and air conditioning.

Why is it better to rent a room for a few hours in a mini-hotel (hotel) "Ryleev"

What hourly hotel (hotel) in Kharkov is ideal for guests? Necessarily with its own bathroom in each room and in the mini-hotel "Ryleev" this is realized. Regardless of the purpose of your visit, here you can rent a room hourly in Kharkov in the most suitable format:

Not many hotels (hotels) in Kharkov with hourly pay can offer such a variety of rooms. The professional and courteous staff will make your stay as comfortable as possible. Hourly hotels can be home-like and the mini-hotel "Ryleev" is the best confirmation of this. We are interested in leaving only positive impressions of our hospitality for our guests.
in the mini-hotel Ryleev in Kharkov you will comfortably rest and spend time in a friendly atmosphere. Renting a room in a hotel (hotel) for a few hours is much more convenient and quieter than the option with apartments, in which the cleanliness of the bathroom and bathroom accessories is rather dubious.

How to rent a room with an hourly rate in a mini-hotel Ryleev - accommodation procedure
We can rent a room for a few hours in any format that is available at the moment. Accommodation is possible at a time convenient for you - the reception desk of the mini hotel works around the clock. You just have to call any number listed on the mini hotel website.

A hotel (hotel) with an hourly rate is ready to provide a room for 3-4 hours. All additional services are not included in the total cost and are paid separately at the time of guests' stay.

"Ryleev" is a daily and hourly hotel, where you will be provided with a high European level service, worked out to the smallest detail. Cozy rooms at the Ryleev Hotel in Kharkov always greet guests with perfect cleanliness and comfortable equipment. Therefore, when you need to rent a room in a hotel (hotel) in Kharkov hourly - in our hotel you will find the best accommodation option in all respects.

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