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Kharkiv Hotels

Planning a vacation or business trip should include the correct approach to choosing a place of the residence. 

Among many hotels in Kharkov, it is quite difficult to choose a place that will match the quality of service and price. Every day, millions residents from different regions travel huge distances using different vehicles, so if you want your trip to be successful and unforgettable, you need seriously choose a hotel in Kharkov or other regions, regardless of which country you wish to visit.

Every hotel owner tries to offer the client the most comfortable room rental conditions, however, due to high competition, any minor issue costs money and problems in maintaining the reputation.

What should you look for before planning a trip?

What is your purpose of the trip and what do you want to get as a result? 

If you have a responsible business trip, it is important to choose a hotel in Kharkov with a developed infrastructure, convenient transportation connections, and, preferably, closer to the city center. When you travel concept does not include working purposes, it is recommended to choose hotel with a few rooms and a spacious terrace, where you can concentrate and relax after an important meeting. Mini-hotel Ryleev is the best option, that offers suitable conditions and perfect if you value comfort and amazing landscapes, which you can enjoy while visiting the courtyard.

The modern mini-hotel  Ryleev offers experienced and novice tourists everything they need to spend an unforgettable vacation in Ukraine. The architectural building is conveniently located in the center of the city of the first capital, the main memorable places are in the nearest distance. There are an amusement park, an opera house, a dolphinarium and many other public areas and attractions within 5 km around the hotel.

Book a hotel in Kharkov

You can choose a room for temporary residence in Kharkov in our mini-hotel Ryleev. Only here you will be able to settle on your own or with your family for the period necessary for you and to get a designed room for an affordable price, full of modern technologies and equipment. Each room is unique and designed by a team of experienced designers and engineers. Besides enjoying your time in a cozy room, you can have a great time at the open park area, where there is everything you need for an active and relaxing holiday. Not every hotel in Kharkov can boast an equipped courtyard with an arbor and barbecue facilities.

Comfortable mini-hotel with all the conditions for a comfortable stay, every detail is a priority for us, we have an individual approach to each guest. The wide experience in the hotel business makes it possible to offer customers only the best at low prices relative to competitors.

We provide the opportunity to book a hotel room without prepayment, a comfortable and superior deluxe room meets the expectations of the most demanding travelers. Design is made in light shades, furniture made from environmentally friendly materials and innovative equipment, up to 5 people can be accommodated at the proposed area. A private bathroom and free amenities, along with all the privileges of an affordable vacation.

Here we offer our guests a break from the busy everyday life and with all needed necessities in each room in the mini-hotel Ryleev. On the territory of the two-room Suite you can stay not only with a large family, but also with a business partner. Stylishly decorated interior and all the necessary equipment makes you feel like at home.

Many hotels in Ukraine have their own advantages, which perform the main functions of service. 

At mini-hotel Ryleev there is everything you need:

  • Parking area and secure parking;
  • Stylishly decorated patio with exterior equipment;
  • Rooms of different categories with modern appliance;
  • Convenient transportation and developed infrastructure.

24-hour registration and a wide range of services, in our mini-hotel you can spend an unforgettable vacation with your family or friends.

If your trip is in the warm season, you can enjoy the cityscape and the surrounding nature. Floral arrangements adorn a well-kept lawn, professional florists worked on the design of the terrace. In spring evening, you can have a barbecue with friends and have a great time. After a busy day and excursions, our guests can find a comfortable room with carpeted flooring, new furniture and modern interior.

European-level rooms and a modern interior, the priority is the apartment functionality, you can book a room on the website, receive an additional discount, or by phone. Each our employee is well-trained; we will find an approach to even the most demanding tourists.

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