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Every traveller knows that the quality of the travel experience depends on the choice of temporary accommodation. At present, one can find a hotel in absolutely any city in every country. What one is looking for is an ideal place with a distinctive level of external indicators and a special stylistic interior solution, from strictly classical to modern. The service quality, location in the city, balance of cost and level of rooms – these are the factors that predetermine the guest's choice of a hotel room.

A hotel is defined as a specially equipped building intended for the accommodation of guests from neighbouring cities and countries for the purpose of recreation, business trip or temporary dwelling. Depending on the conditions and furnishing in the rooms and the quality of the services provided, hotels are rated according to the five-star rating system, from one-star low-cost facilities to three-star standard class establishments.

Currently, the classification of hotels includes the following types:

  • Motel for people travelling by car;
  • Camping site;
  • Mobile hotel – rotel;
  • Floatel - a ship converted into a hotel;
  • Boatel - a large ship providing temporary accommodation services;
  • Tourist shelter or tourist camp.

Since ancient times, people have travelled for various reasons, some in search of a new place of residence, and others solely for the purpose of seeing the world and culture of neighbouring states. With the development of trade, merchants were the most frequent customers of furnished apartments. However, the initial purpose of the construction of such facilities was to provide members of the expeditionary or reconnaissance group with a temporary accommodation in the form of an inn. Over time, the people wishing to leave their native lands grew in number, which, as a result, led to an increase in the number of facilities. The hotel industry has developed, and the quality of the architectural structures has improved as well, i.e. they occupied larger areas, had more rooms and more staff.

The main functions and services provided by the hotel to the visitors include:

  • Advance booking of rooms;
  • Registration of guests upon arrival;
  • Daily payment for a room, which is possible at the facility or after booking;
  • Technical and sanitary maintenance of floors and rooms.

Running such a business requires definite basic responsibilities. Along with the generally accepted functions, hotel staff shall provide relevant information on accommodation, catering services and transportation of visitors.

For residents of Kharkiv and visiting guests, there is a special offer, which includes the full range of services of the Mini Hotel Ryleev. When booking rooms through the website, you get an additional discount and advice, and each of the rooms we provide is fully equipped and furnished. Favourable location near the southern railway station, a convenient area with all the necessary institutions that a traveller or local guest may need are located within 200 meters nearby.

Not every hotel, despite the rather high prices, can comply with its pricing policy and provide the services specified in the room base. Despite the great location and seemingly great rooms, the staff is not skilled or well mannered enough. Each employee in the Mini Hotel Ryleev undergoes preliminary training and internship. The rooms in our hotel are designed by the highly experienced interior designers and furnished according to the European standards.

The possibility to book a room without a credit card in Kharkiv, and the 24-hour reception desk allows choosing temporary accommodation in a short time. You can enjoy the surrounding nature and flower arrangements in the patio, spend time in the gazebo having a cup of aromatic coffee or a cozy conversation. A rear hotel can offer a full range of services, both on the territory of the site and in the active recreation area.

Choosing a hotel, a comfortable place to stay for tourists

We use an individual approach to each guest of the Mini Hotel Ryleev. We offer to book a standard room in Kharkiv at a low price and get a full range of services, as well as a room with European-quality refurbishing. Bathrooms have modern equipment, individual appliances and comfortable furniture, the room includes all the amenities and staff service.

Comfortable rooms from middle to luxury class. We guarantee professional repair and quality control. Other Kharkiv hotels are inferior in all respects, because only at our place, after a tiring journey, one can not only stay for a few days, but also separate from the crowded streets of large cities. A luxury studio with a hot tub at an average price of standard class rooms in other hotels in the city includes all the comfortable conditions for an excellent rest. Interior design, light colors of the materials used, Internet access and modern technology will allow you to enjoy your trip. You will remember your trip or a business meeting with pleasure, and each trip to Kharkiv will begin with booking a room in the Mini Hotel Ryleev.

When travelling around Ukraine, we choose the most favourable conditions for living in temporary accommodations. The balance of the price and quality of hotels in Kharkiv does not always meet our expectations, therefore, most often the guests take into account the standard reviews about the most visited places or rent an apartment for a certain period. Mini Hotel Ryleev is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a convenient infrastructure in the surrounding vicinity and want to spend time with comfort. The area of both the outer courtyard and the building itself was designed by professional architects and designers. For guests with their own cars, we offer free parking and a private parking lot from our Mini Hotel.

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